What Is the Definition of the Word Reconciliation

See the full definition of reconciliation in the dictionary of English language learners They called for peace, reconciliation and the safe return of Father Gregorio. The nominal form of reconciliation is reconciliation, which refers to the reconciliation process. It is also the name of a Catholic sacrament that involves the confession of sin. Pope Francis is making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land this week in search of reconciliation and peace. What words share a root or word element with reconciliation? Obviously, they did not, and all that was left was reluctant apologies and reconciliation. If you want to do something on Friday night but your friend is trying to save money, opening a free art gallery would be a reconciliation of your two desires. Reconciliation can also mean the restoration of civil relations after a conflict. If you and your friend got into an argument on Friday night about what to do, you need to reconcile before you go out. Example: After years of conflict, the two sides agreed to meet with the aim of reconciliation. Reconciliation is supposed to repair relationships that are broken. This can happen between two people, like old friends who have argued.

Or it can happen between groups, such as . Β warring parties in a country. Reconciliation is generally believed to create more than just a ceasefire. When it comes to true reconciliation, the two once hostile sides become respectful of each other – and ideally friends. When it came to repealing and replacing most of Obamacare — which Republicans tried and tried to do with only 51 votes — it turned out that Republicans couldn`t even muster their own party`s votes to repeal the bill. What other forms have to do with reconciliation? He yearned for reconciliation with his separated father, but too many painful memories prevented him from reconnecting. We said in the trail of reconciliation. that his case was something that could eventually be addressed in this track. Another meaning of the word is to accept a negative situation or to accept it, because I reconcile myself with my destiny of never being able to afford the house of my dreams. The budget voting process was set up in 1974 to speed up the completion of financial allocations. It is annoying that teachers focus on the drama among the students and not on the possible solutions or, in a particular case, on the reconciliation between two students. I asked a fundamental question on this last point, and too many colleagues fell to the ground, reconciliation between the monarch and the people was assured.

A partial reconciliation was carried out, but the princess soon withdrew from the court. Reconciliation is the act of making two things compatible. You might have a reconciliation with a former enemy, or your mother might demand a reconciliation between your spending habits and your declining bank account. to adapt, to adapt, to adapt, to adapt, to reconcile, is to put one thing in correspondence with another. Personalization involves a change based on changing circumstances. Adapting to the warmer climate Adaptation suggests bringing a close and precise correspondence or harmony as it exists between the parts of a mechanism. Adjusting the budget for inflation may indicate that a return is being made or compromised to obtain correspondence. Companies that adapt to the new political reality Compliant applies to adaptation to a model, example or principle. Refusal to conform to society`s values involves demonstrating the underlying compatibility of things that seem incompatible. tried to balance what he said with what I knew What words are often used to talk about reconciliation? Perhaps the peace and reconciliation we have sought begins with that.

It was about the hope and desire for redemption and reconciliation that lies somewhere in each of us. He ordered him to arrange a reconciliation between the Prince of Wales and himself, but the attempt failed. A meeting was held and there was reconciliation between them. The surviving brother Dag takes an oath of reconciliation to Helgi, but remembers the quarrel. “The confrontation should not be about revenge, but about reconciliation on both sides,” he stressed. But this reconciliation and identification was not achieved all at once. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “correspondence.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. They could easily pass a carbon tax through a budget vote. When you balance two things, make them consistent.

You can match the numbers with a total amount. This meaning of the word is often used in questions about how two seemingly opposite things can be compatible, as you said you support the plan, but it may not be the best choice – how do you reconcile these two statements? An example of reconciliation is that of two siblings who improve their relationship after a period of struggle. Pairing can also mean making things compatible or consistent with each other. This meaning of the word is especially used when discussing two things that cannot be reconciled, such as. B two opposing beliefs. Reconciliation is also the name of a Catholic sacrament that includes the confession of sin. Less often, reconciliation refers to when someone accepts an undesirable situation or the process of making things compatible. Over the past few decades, senators from both parties have abused the budget voting process to pass laws that they knew would otherwise be obstructed. The first recordings of the word reconciliation date back to the 1300s. This is the noun form of the verb reconcile, which comes from the Latin reconciliāre, which means “to make amends” or “to repair”. In 1867 she accompanied the emperor to Budapest and took a great interest in the reconciliation of tiles with the Magyars. Today, I witnessed the remarkable courage of the #Afghans when they stood up against cowardly terrorists who were trying to disrupt the inauguration of @ashrafghani.

Unity, reconciliation and peace are needed more than ever. @NATO depends on #ANDSF and Afghans. pic.twitter.com/9tutA6FoXL. 14th century, defined in the transitive sense 1a In two different celebrity relationship stories. In vain, the Bishop of Lincoln, who came to the city at Pitt`s request, tried to reconcile their differences. Life is just an endless series of attempts to reconcile how you feel with what you think you should feel. My father denied me when I said I would not fight in Vietnam. We reconciled; There is always hope. Let`s move on. Reconciliation means making amends, achieving a ceasefire or settling a dispute. Example: After not talking to each other for years, the two finally sat down and reconciled. And your whole philosophy would not reconcile me with a drunken Mirandola.

Social media easily gives the impression that everyone agrees with you on one thing, and I think it becomes especially difficult when in reality you have a minority opinion and it is very difficult to reconcile the two things. Nglish: Translation of reconciling for Spanish speakers — 💧George Williams on Guringai Land (@georgerobbwill) May 26, 2020 I don`t know how to reconcile that with the happiness that just happened to me — but that`s the way it is. First Lady Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Fitz reconcile – because of this whole rape case – and we learn that the son really belongs to her. In the Roman Catholic Church, reconciliation is the name of a sacrament in which people confess their sins – a process commonly referred to as confession. This is sometimes called penance. — Abp. José H. Gomez (@ArchbishopGomez) 13.

December 2019 Reconciliation is the process of two individuals or groups in a conflict who agree to make amends or achieve a ceasefire. But Reconcile comes from a slightly different arm from Houston hip-hop — more focused on spiritual triumph over the trap. Reconcile is a rapper from Houston, a city with a rich hip-hop heritage. — Reflections on the Shower (@TheWeirdWorld) December 5, 2017 Efforts to resolve these disputes have been delayed and the issue remains controversial. America presents two contradictory narratives that it struggles to reconcile. Theme music by Joshua Stamper ©2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP Middle English, Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French reconcilers, from the Latin reconciliator, from re- + conciliare to reconcile.. .